Dental Health

Tame Your Sweet Tooth During The Holidays

With all the treats and family gatherings around the holidays, it’s easy to consume an above-average amount of sugar. Help tame your sweet tooth by checking the nutritional information of holiday treats.

If you’ve reached your sweet quota for the day, try these tips to fight cravings:

  • Chew sugar-free gum. Aside from generating saliva that helps clear your mouth of leftover food, chewing sugar-free gum also reduces snack cravings.
  • Hit the pavement. Taking a walk can reduce the urge to eat a treat.
  • Reach for a healthy substitute. Choose naturally sweet fruits like cherries and apples when you’re craving sugar.
  • Eat consistently. When you’re hungry, it’s easy to make unhealthy decisions like reaching for a quick fix of sugar. Keep yourself in check by eating every three to five hours.

Good habits are essential for a happy and healthy smile. Visit our dental health page for more tips.